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Casing Hanger

Casing Hanger

Casing hanger produced by KWM is suitable for various oil fields, and has safe and reliable operation. The casing hanger mainly comprises of a slip and a mandrel type, wherein the slip hanger further comprises of a WD type slip hanger, a CG-21 type slip hanger and a CG-22 type slip hanger, wherein the CG-29 type slip hanger can be further flexibly designed according to clients’ requirements and actual working behaviors.

CG-21 type slip hanger can be divided, is manually triggered, sealed by rubber, and provided with an *II*type packer seal ring, thereby achieving reliable sealing when the casing is in a suspending or a disconnecting state, The casing which is used on the skin layer casing or the well cementing mud returning place is suitable for various casing programs.

CG-22 type slip hanger is a ring-shaped hanger consisting of a packer seal ring, a slip and a support bowl, and can be separated. The casing is automatically sealed by the packer ring arranged on the lower portion of the slip due to the gravity function of the casing column. After suspending the casing, the inclination of the casing can be reduced through controlling friction force, hence the installation is convenient and economic.

Compared with a normal hanger, the CG-29 type slip hanger has high bearing capacity and small inclination of casing. When the upper slip is moved downward, it applies pressure to the packer seal ring. Slipping on the lower end of the hanger can be automatically geared. Since the lower slip does not move along with the casing, compression force cannot be generated as the normal conical slip.

Basic Parameters
Applicable places: applicable to various casing programs
Experiment pressure: taking 80% of outwards-squeezing resistance of the casing, takes the lower value.
Working medium: petroleum, natural gas, mud, gas containing H2S and CO2.
Working temperature: - 46°C to121°C(LU class)
Specification class: PR1-2

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