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Casing Head

Casing Head

Casing head produced by KWM mainly comprises of CH-22 and CH-29 types. The two casing heads are designed with 45 degrees of main bearing shoulder for supporting casing column weight transferred by casing hanger. This design can prevent drilling tools from being wedged. The lateral outlet is a threaded type, but connecting modes including a flange platform type (namely bolt type), an extending flange type, etc. All types are readily supplied according to demands. The casing head can be flexibly designed according to clients’ requirements and actual working conditions.

The depth of bearing shoulder of the CH-29 casing head is bigger than of the CH-22, and can be applicable to drilling deep wells after being assembled with the CG-29 type casing hanger.

The casing head has general-purpose straight hole design, and various specifications of slip and mandrel casing hangers can be mounted. Symmetrical top threads can be designed for fixing the anti-corrosion sleeve and the suspender, the straight hole is designed with 45 degrees of shoulder, the bearing capacity is high, the slip casing hanger and the mandrel casing hanger can be exchanged, and bottom connecting modes comprising slip bottom connection, thread bottom connection and welding bottom connection can be supplied. CH-22-BP/CH-29-BP type casing head is provided with additional bolt locking device, and CH-22-L/CH-29-L type casing head is provided with the hanger locating locking device.

Basic Parameters
Working pressure: 2000 PSI to 15000 PSI
Working medium: petroleum, natural gas, mud, gas containing H2S and CO2
Working temperature: -46 °C to 121 °C (LU Class)
Material class: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, HH Specification class: PSL1~4
Performance class: PR1~2

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