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Gate Valve

Gate Valve

KWM Co. Ltd. is among leading suppliers of large bore gate valves for surface applications. KWM gate valves have proven convenient performance in demanding applications such as high temperature and high pressure.

KWM offers a variety of valves to meet the needs of the market. For actuated surface applications, KWM valves are complete solutions. Also, for manual surface applications, KWM gate valves offer low torque opening and closing due to the unique ball screw mechanism and lower balance stem. Both types offer the same field-proven features. They are designed to API 6A and 17D specifications and offer full bore operation.

Main Features
Forged or Cast Body & Bonnet

All gate valve bodies and bonnets are manufactured from forged or cast AISI4130/4140 low alloy or AISI410 SS steel. Other materials for extreme services, such as Inconel or Duplex stainless steel are available to order.

Metal-to-Metal Seat to Body Interface
Precision lapped faces of gate and seat ensure that a metal-to-metal pressure tight seal is maintained. Seat is lapped on both surfaces to give a true metal to metal seal between the body and seat. This seal is further reinforced and protected by a Teflon or Viton lip seal, giving bubble tight sealing performance at pressures below 10 psi.

Gate & Seat Design for Slab Gate
The seat combined with a solid slab gate gives a true downstream seal resulting in exceptionally low operating forces.

Gate & Seat Design for Expanding Gate
The expanding gate creates a positive mechanical seal across the seat with or without line pressure. This allows the seats to be tightly wedged into the seats pockets in the open or closed position.

Bi-directional Sealing
All KWM Gate Valves are truly bi-directional. Being fully symmetrical, it will effectively seal pressure from either direction without the risk of pressure lock. If the valve is used in unidirectional application, the gate and seats can be reversed to give an extra service life.

Gate Guided
The gate is guided positively by the valve body and close fitting stainless steel skirts. The skirts minimize the well fluid mud and sand into the body cavity.

Body to Bonnet Seal
A metal-to-metal seal is achieved between the body and bonnet using KWM metal-to-metal sealing technology. The seal ring is re-useable.

Non-rising Stem with Backseat
The stem used in the KWM gate valve is manufactured from aIIoy steel. Being of the non-rising design, valve operation will not increase the pressure in the body. The design provides means to replace the valve stem packing while the valve is under pressure.

Stem Seal
All stem seals are non-elastomeric and are inert to most known liquids and gases. Being made from PTFE/R-PTFE, frictional resistance is minimized resulting in lower operating torque. The stem seal design is suitable for all temperature ranges and services. Graphite stem packing is also available upon request.

Heavy duty thrust bearings are used to absorb stem thrust and reduce operating torque. A grease fitting is located on the bearing cap to allow for lubrication to ensure continued trouble-free operation.

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