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Tubing Hanger

Tubing Hanger

Tubing hanger produced by KWM is suitable for various oil fields and benefits from safe and reliable operation. The tubing hanger comprises of a T-2W type and a TG-DM type tubing hanger. It could be flexibly designed according to clients’ requirements and actual working behaviors.

The tubing hanger is sealed by means of squeezing the top threads to trigger rubber. It could be provided with underground safety valve, control pipeline, crossing hole, and various API screw threads or special gas seal. Screw threads are arranged up and down.

T-2W tubing hanger is mainly used to seal and control the casing head/casing head ring under the condition of permitting the interchange of tubing. TG-W type tubing hanger is a mandrel hanger with high bearing capacity, hanger pressure class reaches 15000 psi. TG-DM type casing head hanger is a hanger with dual tubings, and two tubings can be simultaneously suspended for producing oil in layer.

Basic Parameters
Working medium: petrol, natural gas, mud, gas containing H2S and CO2
Working temperature: -46°C to 121°C (LU class)
Specification class: PSL1~4
Performance class: PR1~2

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