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X-Mas Tree

X-Mas Tree1

X-mas tree produced by KWM is used for controlling the pressure of wellhead production and the flow capacity of regulating oil & gas wells. It could be further used for special purposes including acidulation, fracturing, water injection, steam injection, testing & etc. KWM’s X-Mass Tree satisfies different working behaviors, benefits from reliable seal and safe work, and is manufactured in accordance with API 6A standard specification requirements.

X-mas tree produced by KWM comprises of conventional tree, block tree and dual string X-mas tree. All types could be freely designed according to clients’ requirements and actual operating behaviors.

The block tree adopts block structure, has small occupied space and compact structure. It could be used on marine platforms. The dual string X-mas tree adopts block structure, has small occupied space, and can achieve the oil recovery through two independent channels, while each channel is controlled by three valves.

Basic Parameters
Working pressure: 2000 PSI to 20000 PSI
Working medium: petroleum, natural gas, mud, gas containing H2S and CO2
Working temperature: 46°C to 121°C (LU Class)
Material class: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, HH
Specification class: PSL1~4
Performance class: PR1~2

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